UGR (user generated reviews)

User generated content is the power of the Internet realized. The bulk of UGC today is in the form of blogs, videos (YouTube), pictures (Flickr), social networks (FaceBook), etc. But there is a largely untapped area that is just as useful. User generated reviews (UGR).

Who doesn’t feel the need to get another’s point of view before buying a product, visiting a city, or going to a movie. has become the place I always check for reviews before buying something. Sites like Google Maps, Citysearch, and Yelp now offer UGR’s for local business (although most businesses haven’t been reviewed just yet). Who hasn’t read a movie review online before deciding on the best film to take a date to?

Yet, I’m typically disappointed when seeking out reviews. The problem is three-fold.

1. It’s hard to decide where to go online to read reviews.

2. Most reviews are overly positive or negative.

3. Lack of volume. How many times have you seen the dreaded, “Be the first to review”?

My goal for this blog is to examine this issue and HOPEFULLY figure out how to encourage more people to review online. Where is the incentive? I never post reviews. I just like to read them.

But I’m changing that starting today. I posted my first two reviews online just before starting this blog! I’m going to go review happy. I’m going to be a critic for the masses. My name is masscritic and I like to post reviews.


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